Demonstration: loading a Ciné-Kodak 16mm film camera by Marco Kröger


10 January 2020
demonstration vision

In November 2019, I was in Berlin and visited the famous analogue film and photography shop Click & Surr, founded by Jürgen Lossau in October 2017. Besides Mr. Lossau, who kindly welcomed me to his store, I also met Marco Kröger, who works as workshop manager at Click & Surr and repairs analogue film equipment.

Mr. Kröger oiled and cleaned my Ciné-Kodak 16mm camera from ca. 1930, which I recently bought on eBay for my hands-on experiments in the DEMA project. On the occasion, Mr. Kröger generously demonstrated to me how to load this camera with a roll of 16mm film.

I am planning to use this Ciné-Kodak 16mm camera for my analogue film experiments soon.

I would like to thank Marco Kröger from Click & Surr for demonstrating the process of loading the Ciné-Kodak 16mm film camera, and Jürgen Lossau for welcoming me at your wonderful film store!