Doing Experimental Media Archaeology: Practice & Theory (DEMA) is a research project, which aims to study the potential of hands-on experimentation so as to better understand and experience the materiality of old media technologies and their practices of use. It will provide a systematic reflection on the methodological underpinnings of experimental media archaeology as a practical and sensorial approach to media historiography.

DEMA is an FNR-CORE funded research project. It is hosted by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) of the University of Luxembourg.

Project team

The DEMA project team consists of:

Dr. Stefan Krebs


Dr. Aleks Kolkowski

(post-doc researcher)

Dr. Tim van der Heijden

(post-doc researcher)

Advisory board

The DEMA project team consists of:

Prof. Dr. John Ellis (Royal Holloway University of London)
Prof. Dr. Lori Emerson (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Prof. Dr. Erkki Huhtamo (UCLA)
Prof. Dr. Martin Loiperdinger (Trier University)
Prof. Dr. Annie van den Oever (University of Groningen)